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Information-analytic magazine “Ukraine. Third Millennium” was founded in 2003. From the first days of existence one can find comprehensive information about the best managers, farmers, entrepreneurs on its pages, in brief, those who truly are patriots of Ukraine and build our country in fact rather in word. And readers have an excellent opportunity to acquit with the advanced practices of the best farmers, entrepreneurs, managers of cultural and recreational facilities, all those who care about the fate of the state.

The heroes of the magazine “Ukraine. Third Millennium” are people of different ages, so it will always be interesting for readers to get acquainted with their course of life, destiny and many-sided experience. All of them are decent, honest and modest people who never boast good affairs. Despite of this, wide Ukrainian audience should know about them, because they deserve worthy respect.
We cooperate with a wide audience of Ukrainian society, with the heads of regional and district administrations, representatives of local communities, famous economists, entrepreneurs and agrarians, creators of science and intellectuals. Our most respected authors are those who create the power of Ukraine by their own hands and hard work, ensuring its positive image in the world.
Professional team works in our magazine which can cope with any responsible task. That’s why no reader will remain indifferent to the publications in “Ukraine. Third Millennium”. The magazine also works closely with contributors from different parts of our country , so all readers will be up on all the news from different regions of our beautiful Ukraine.

You will find answers on important and actual questions of today: what should Ukrainian society in the third millennium be like, how to realize its huge potential in all sectors of economy, how to realize the most courageous projects that will ensure the welfare of citizens and the Motherland. “Ukraine. Third Millennium” is an open forum for creative discussions, variety of opinions, debates, business proposals and constructive actions. The magazine will help you to realize all the noble calls of the soul, talent and confidence.

Undoubtedly, the most important treasure of our country is people. That’s why new heroes of our time will obligatory appear on the pages of the magazine “Ukraine. Third Millennium”, and every day there are more and more people like them…