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Format: standard (A4, A5, Euroformat) and nonstandard.

Paper: enamel, lithographic, design.

Cover: full colored (4+4), density from 115 to 350 g, glossy or matte lamination, glitter polish,selective polish, gold pressure, cutting.

Internal block: full colored (4+4), one-colored (1+1), density from 80 to 200 g.

Interweaving: bracket, spring, thermal binding.

A booklet is one of the most effective and popular kind of ads. Booklets can be of different size and formats, information can be posted both briefly and deployed.

Professionally designed booklet can increase demand on production and enterprise rating as a whole.

We offer designing and printing of various booklets. Our professionalism and your wish will necessarily become the guarantee of success of your enterprise.

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