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Greeting card



  • standard ̶ vertical (in a folded form 200х100, 210х147, 297х210, 100х150),
  • horizontal (in a folded form 100х200).
  • Non-standard of different sizes. Single or double.


  • coated,
  • designer.

Density: 200 – 350 g


  • full color (4 + 4),
  • glossy or matte lamination,
  • UV varnish,
  • glycerine varnish,
  • elective varnish,
  • gold stamping, cutting.

Which of us is not happy to receive greetings?

Greeting card is the best way to congratulate your relatives, colleagues, friends, partners on holidays, and at the same time remind them about yourself.

Although this method of greetings is far from new, however, presenting even the most expensive gift, we try to attach a greeting card with it and we hope that all our wishes will come true.

Each card developed by our creative team is original, refined and unique.

We work to bring joy and good mood to you and your addressees!

High-quality design and eye-catching slogan are the key to your success!

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