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Ukrainians are a talented nation

We have much to be proud of! Incredibly, the authors of these inventions were Ukrainians. 22 our compatriots are recognized worldwide.

The fact that Ukrainians are a talented nation has long been no secret to anyone. Moreover, the multitude of inventions that we use every day, believing that these are developments of Western and American scientists, turn out to be the brainchild of our compatriots. Unfortunately most do not always get mass release, note “Нескучные новости“, referring to LyonL.

Droid Translator app

Special application, which can be called a direct competitor to Skype and Viber, has its advantage. In the application of the Kiev resident A. Konovalov, the voice of the interlocutor is translated automatically and synchronously in the format of text messages, moreover, in any language. It became the first VoIP service in the world with such a function and free of charge. While on Skype, a live person acts as a synchronous translator, whose work costs $ 3 per minute.

Computer recognition of individuals

Kievlyanin E. Anchishkin in order to solve the problem of recognizing faces in a video or photo created an organization and set this task before it. Quickly enough, Ukrainian programmers were able to create a unique face recognition technology that could be very useful for law enforcement agencies in Ukraine, but alas, this promising development has already been bought by the Internet giant Google, and the guys continue to work on improving it in another country.

CD-ROM with a shelf life of more than 10,000 years

To transmit information through the millennia is real! Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine have developed special sapphire discs that can store information for tens of thousands of years!

It is absolutely resistant to all natural methods of damage. He is not afraid of any moisture or high temperature!

Bloodless blood test

Many of us are afraid of one type of blood, what can we say about the manipulations associated with the mandatory blood test? This problem was solved by a scientist from Kharkov A. Malykhin. Thanks to his efforts, a device of five sensors appeared, each of which is attached to specific areas of the body. The results, which are more than 130 indicators of health, are displayed on the screen, to which the above sensors are summed up. This device is successfully used in the medical industry such countries as Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mexico.

Surgical suture zipper

During the military events in the east of Ukraine, the invention of a resident of Poltava, V. Pepeka, acquired particular relevance. Thanks to a special plastic zipper, the problem of stopping the bleeding is solved, and there is no need to remove the suture before the operation and then reapply it. It is enough to glue the zipper with a special film similar to a plaster that any person without special medical education can do. After surgery, there will also be no need for dressings. The wound under the zipper heals quickly, without scars and inflammation.

Polyethylene, which can be eaten

The whole world community has been puzzled for more than a decade on the problem of recycling plastic bags. But luck smiled at the Kharkov inventor S. Timchuk. The search for the solution took 15 years, but the result is impressive. This is an environmentally friendly plastic film, suitable for food.

It does not affect the taste. Prepared on the basis of corn starch. If you throw it away, it will disappear by itself in a couple of weeks.

Growing giant oysters

For several years in Ukraine, giant oysters have been grown on special farms, which in nature can live and breed only in the Pacific Ocean. A. Pirkova and L. Ladygina, biologists from Sevastopol, managed to find a way to grow such oysters (Crassostrea gigas).

For this, biologists have been awarded the gold medal of the World Organization of Property Rights. But scientists didn’t stop at that – Black Sea mussels are grown by the same method.

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